Powerful (and cheap) Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Farewell Adobe, you’re almost gone…

I’ve been using Photoshop and illustrator since the mid 90es. Because real production alternatives didn’t exist. It’s over know.
Adobe the Giant, wanted more money, lifetime licenced disapeared years after years, they wanted us to pay monthly fees, for life.

Uptating my mac with the lastest OS (Operating System), My Adobe CS5  software bundle wouldn’t work anymore it was too old, I didn’t really need to update my mac but I smelt something in the air. I enquired a little and found that in 2017, times had changed, Time Of Adobe the Giant was done.

I’ve discovered  real alternatives to Photoshop and illustrator :
Affinity softwares are designed to be more efficient that the old Adobe softwares that became fatter and slower every year, needed always more power to run.

I’ve tested Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo, it worked like a charm with my old Illustrator and photoshop files and were even more efficient to use than the Adobe Software (Affinity software were designed from scratch to be more efficient). Shortcuts were almost the same, behavior was better, I was convinced, I bought the 2 Affinity licences and deleted the Adobe CS5 from my computer.

Guess what?  Affinity Software are cheap (54€), because, for the serif company time is to conquer the market by offering real alternatives.

So, give this softwares a try and see by yourself 🙂

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